5 Cool Android Apps everyone should try in 2020



Android a platform that was released by Google, Earlier than Android we had normal phones just to connect people via calls and SMS. After the launch of the Android Operating System powered by Google, the mobile industry got a kick the smartphone come into play and there were many other options to connect with people like Facebook, etc. As time passed many other apps were released which had options to run in the Smartphones operated with Android Operating System. Days passed by Google introduced many other services like Google App and Assitant.


Google App as per the same suggests its an official app by Google this app lets people search the web without using any other 3rd party apps for web browsing later on Google even introduced a web browser which is Google Chrome, which is smooth and fast, the user experience of this app is even smooth and its user friendly. Google keeps on working on the apps and the android system every minute.

Android Apps

5, Cool Android Apps of 2020

Useful Apps

Every year millions of new apps are been launched but some handpicks of them are only useful to us, and these apps are really useful and make sense to download and everyone should use those apps. In 2020 we all know it has been a very tough time for us as it was our pandemic year and we all have been in a lockdown situation and it has been a very tough situation for everyone, so in this lockdown, we discovered these 8 cool apps which are really useful in daily life usage.


An app developed by Ruoxin He, this app lets us customize notifications of our phones as we come, it is basically a notification manager which works like a pro. Many a time it happens that we accidentally removed the notification by mistake and later on we regret that what that notification was really about, but with this app, we can get rid of this problem as this app stores all the open and dismissed notification store and we also have the option to restore 20  notifications that we accidentally removed.

Another problem that arises while using our phone is that we receive a lot of notification which has many unuseful notifications so what we can do to stop the notification is that we can mute the notification but this will stop all the notification of that particular app.

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Dolby On

In this lockdown situation, many people are just involved in making videos recording their own songs and many other kinds of stuff that require voice recording, lately, we all know Doldy has the best sound provider in the technology market.

Dolby introduced a new app lately which enables users to record audio, but a question might come why we should use this app for recording audio when we have our inbuilt recorder, but Dolby provides us with premium quality of voice recording experience and it has an active noise cancellation feature as well so it blocks off the extra noise and focusses on the main voice that we want to record. Dolby On has some other features as well such as editing and other stuff, this app should be used by everyone,


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Truepicks is an app which lets users set cool and amazing wallpapers available in the app, the has thousands of sets of cool wallpaper which setups the home screen and the app contains all the information regarding the icon pack required and other details, the app supports various launcher apps including the Nova launcher which is very famous right now.


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Big File Cleaner

in this lockdown situation, everyone is using social media a lot and everyone is sharing videos and other high sized images or files and these are making the phones work slow and in order to clear those files first, we need to search the file and then delete them one by one. but this app lets us delete all the files at once and the hassle of searching got the file is also removed as when we scan for the files the app automatically sorts the big files and asks the user if they want to delete the file or not and allows them to delete the files at bulk or all the files at once.


Big File Cleaner: Play Store


An app that lets users make notes and pin them on their notification shade. As we all working nowadays and certain times it happens that we forget something which was important to us but this app solves our problem as we can add notes in the app and make them display on our notification shade so that we notice them while we use our phone


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