Amazon’s new service Audible, Details and offer

Amazon Audible

As time passes by Amazon launches another new service and the service always comes out to be a unique idea, this time Amazon just launched its new service that is specially made for the story lovers, and where we can find stories? Yes obviously in the books but many people in this world don’t want to read a book but though they love stories a lot, so Amazon keeping them in mind introduced a new service Amazon Audible. Amazon Audible basically is a platform where you can listen to the books and stories out there in the market, you can simply listen to them and enjoy the story without the hassle of reading numbers of pages. This reduces the time of reading a whole story thus saving time and as we know in today’s time, time is everything. As nowadays some movies are produced based on a certain book. Amazon used the same concept but with a different idea, movies are audiovisual but Audible is only Audio.

Audible Membership

As of the prime, we also need to take the prime membership of audible and the price of this membership is Rs. 199/month so genuinely speaking this plan is also cheap as we invest thousands of rupees just to make a shelf for storing the books. But now with Audible, we get free from monthly maintenance of the books and we can read it anywhere and anytime we want. Plus the membership offers us a free audiobook per month and even if we cancel our plan then also the audiobook will remain in my account. The most important thing is that when we buy a book we don’t get an option to exchange it after buying but u get the opportunity to exchange any audiobook which you don’t like.

Audible Membership plan includes

  • 1 Credit a month to buy any audiobook
  • Keep your audiobooks, even if you cancel
  • Free exchange. Swap any audiobook you don’t like
  • 30% off on all additional purchases

Amazon Audible is giving its free trial for a month as people aren’t aware of the service so take the 30 days free trial and understand about the services, I recommend everyone to try this free trial as you can cancel the service anytime so sign-up use and cancel after 30 days if you don’t want to continue services.

Note, there is an offer for the Prime users, Prime users can use Audible free for 3 months.
Use this link to get the offer, Link: Amazon Audible Free Membership

Note, Nonprime users who want to enjoy Audible for free for 3 months read this article,


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