Apple new update, iPhone SE 2020 Price Drop

iPhone SE 2020 Price Drop!

Apple New Update

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Apple new update is that iPhone SE 2020 Price drop is finally expected

Apple, The leading company of Flagship smartphones, the reason behind being leading in the flagship market is clear enough, because of its clean UI experience and the ultra-smooth user experience,

Apple iPhone is trying to benchmark its name in the Indian market as well as it now introduced a low pricing smartphone in the market with a whole lot of specs.

iPhone recently relaunched it an old device with new upgrades but at an affordable price, The iPhone SE 2020 or the iPhone SE 2nd Generation.

There is a new update from Apple that they are planning to set up an assembly unit in India so here’s a good chance for the users of India to shift to iPhone


iPhone SE 2020

Apple new update, SE 2020 or iPhone SE 2nd generation, is the upgrade version of iPhone SE which was launch in 2016, now Apple looked forward to upgrading the version with whole new specs and features.

iPhone SE 2020 comes with the old look and feel as of iPhone 8, with the same old touch ID in spite of the Face ID as provided in the new iPhone Series. iPhone SE 2 is priced at rs Rs. 42,500 and as we know it has a major difference than that of the US market as in the US the price of the device is $399 that is approx 30,500 (approx) but the Indian prices have a hike of 12000 and this makes the user drop the plan of buying this phone.


iphone SE 2020


iPhone SE 2020 price drop

Apple new update, there is good news for the users as iPhone has officially declared that their assembly unit is going to be set up in India soon and the process is going only the documentation is remaining with the Indian government and the news are from the Apple insider team and they tweeted it a few days back and they also stated that the assembly of SE 2020 will begin after 2 weeks of the set up is completed.


iPhone SE 2020 price drop


Apple new update, This clearly states that the prices of the iPhone are going to fall and the fall of the prices are going to fall by 20%, as they will be no import charges and excise duty, so the iPhone SE 2020 Price Drop is expected to be priced from Rs. 34000- Rs. 36000 and this might implement that many of us can buy this device.

Now as we know there is a controversy going on in India about the boycott of the Chinese products and all the flagship with less priced segments were all the Chinese Brand, so now Apple devices can be a good alternate for those smartphones once it’s assembly starts in India.

The devices whose alternate this iPhone SE 2020 can be is the VIVI IQ003, OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7T, Realme X2 Pro Master Edition.

So the iPhone SE 2020 price drop can be a severe change for the user to own an iPhone easily.

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