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In the 21st century, every house is having televisions and everyone is watching movies, series, serials, and a lot more content. As the world is upgrading and becoming smart day by day, then how come television will step back in the queue, Google being the producer of Android OS had another idea to launch the Android OS for Television so that everyone can watch televisions online as we know its the generation of Amazon Prime and Netflix but this only possible only if we have a wifi connection at home but many people can not afford so much of investments so today in this article we are going to check out the cost-effective solution to this problem after reading this article you implement the ideas then every single house will be moving smartly.

Cost-Effective Method

Every family using Television has its DTH connection for watching the local television and as we are using them for many years from now nobody knows the dirty truth behind them, DTHs charges lots of money from us for delivering the local contents to us but as the online or digital universe is growing we got the actual truth behind everything, The local DTH operators charge us with a minimum of 200-300 rupees a month just to delivery standard definition channels to us and that also with some channels on the go if we want to take other channels as well the price can increase upto 400-500 rupees a month, now if we want to take the HD channels then they charge us around of 500-600 rupees a month that also some channels if we ask for other channels the price man rise upto 800-900 rupees per month, then after all these even the services provided by them are very poor and the signal runs off with even a slight disturbance in the weather, but we had no choice at that point of time so we paid them so much blindly but now when we have the choice then as many are not using them as they are not aware of the fact.

The cost-effective alternative is using Online streaming Platforms like Hotstar, Zee5, Sony Liv for the local channels that we need, but again this is only possible if we have an Android Smart Tv in our house. Now if you guys are thinking what about the wifi connection then yes we have to take a wifi connection at our home, now again a question might arise then we have to pay a lot for both the services, but the answer is no in today’s time Wifi is as cheap as Rs 600 per month that also with unlimited usage, Now coming back to the point about the online Streaming platform, in India the important channels for the families are ZEE channels, Star channels, and Sony Channels, for the serial part, then comes the Sports Channels, then the Cartoon Channels, and then Movies.

Online Streaming Apps have the solution to every channel, Hotstar provides with all the channels of Star. Zee5 provides us with all the channels of ZEE. Sony Liv provides us with all the channels of Sony. Now we get a bonus even with every App, i.e. we get the latest movies even and the old ones even with them and Series even. The best part of them is they all deliver the contents in High Definition(HD). Now talking about the pricing of these apps if we compare it with the DTH service it costs very low than them.



Standard Definition Channels (SD)

Rs. 200-300 (basic channels)*

Rs. 400-500 (including all channels)*

High Definition Channels (HD)

Rs. 500-600 (basic channels)*

Rs. 800-900 (including all channels)*

Online Streaming Apps


Rs. 299/month or Rs. 1499/year (premium)

Rs. 399/year (VIP)


Rs. 999/year or Rs. 99/month or Rs. 599/6 month

Sony Liv

Rs. 499/year or Rs. 299/6 months or Rs. 99/month

Cost Comparison

Buy the Annual Plan of each app then the total price of online streaming apps will be as such,

Hotstar VIP+ Zee5 + Sony Liv = Rs. 1897/year (399+999+499)

Note, Hotstar VIP plan consists of each and every channel of Star, the premium plan is for the English movies.

DTH annual costing per year will be,

SD = Rs. 2400-3600/year (200-300 x12) & Rs. 4800-6000/year (400-500 x12),

HD = Rs. 600-7200/year (500-600 x12) & Rs. 9600-10800/year (800-900 x12)

So as per the above comparison its clear enough that the online streaming platform is a clear winner and secondly it provides HD content at so low cost, so if we calculate.

Now the total cost after taking the wifi connection will be Rs. 7200/year (600 x12)

So the total annual cost for it is, Wifi + Online Streaming Apps = Rs. 9097/year.

Still, if we compare its less than DTH as it gives HD content, now at that price we can use the internet even and enjoy other free online services like Youtube, etc.,

Best Buying Link for the online Streaming Apps,

Hotstar: Hotstar VIP

Zee5: Zee5 premiumĀ 

Sony Liv: Sony Liv Premium

Use the above link to get some addition offer if applicable, and use code WIN50 while buying SonyLiv

* The prices are approximately given its not the exact price it can vary according to the states.


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