Cloudmare App For cloud flare manager

Cloudmare App

Cloudmare App is a Small & Simple Cloudflare manager mobile application which is designed for incresed speed. This is the only Android application supporting API Tokens, and also the safer alternative for a Global API Key.

This is an Unofficial application  and not endorsed by Cloudflare. All the Data is secure and travels only from your device to Cloudflare’s official API. According to them No data is recorded or sent anywhere by CloudMare App.

This app is Built by an optimizer who wanting a fast Cloudflare manager for a fast and betternet experence.


cloudmare app

Cloudmare App Fetaures

The cloudmare Specially designed for manage cloudflare and generate global api token. The Features of cloudmare app are given below –

  • Toggle ‘Under Attack Mode’ and ‘Development Mode’
  • Search & Manage DNS records (
  • View Analytics
  • Toggle Page Rules
  • Manage SSL Settings
  • Manage Caching Controls
  • Manage Network Settings
  • Dark and Light theme
  • Supports both API Tokens and Email + API Key
  •  No Ads
  • No Paywall
  • Free Forever

There are more features to come!

Cloudmare app review

In google Play store There are more than 1000+ downloads of this app , more than 50 user give review on it, Overall the app has 4.4 Rating in play store.

cloudmare app review

Cloudmare app Download

You can download the app from google play store by visiting play store or clicking the below link-

Download from Playstore

You can also download the cloudmare apk file from the below link

 Cloudmare apk download


Additional Details Of Cloudmare App

The App last updated on 3rd June 2020 and the App size is only 1.6 mb. The app requires 6.0 Up android Version.

clodmare app details


How to create a Cloudflare API Token / Key for CloudMare App ?

CloudMare only uses the official Cloudflare API which must requires the authentication per request. There are two ways where you can authenticate with Cloudflare:-

  1. API Tokens (safer recommended option) read Cloudflare’s post about it
  2. API Keys (easier)

Authentication with an API token

  1. Go to the Cloudflare website and login to the API Tokens page.
  2. Click on ‘Create Token’
  3. Fill in form giving permissions for:-
      • Zone.Analytics:Read
      • Zone.Cache Purge.Edit
      • Zone.DNS.Edit
      • Zone.Page Rules.Edit
      • Zone.Zone.Edit
      • Zone.Zone Settings.Edit
  4. Click on ‘Continue to Summary’ to get to the page below
    • How to create a Cloudflare API Token
  5. Then ‘Create Token’
  6. It should redirect you to the page below
    • How to create a Cloudflare API Token / Key for CloudMare?
  7. Copy and paste the token you generated inside CloudMare.
  8. Finally click ‘save’

That is How to create a Cloudflare API Token and connect with cloudmre app.

Authentication with a Global API Key

  1. Go to the Cloudflare website and login to the API Tokens page.
  2. Scroll to the bottom, you should see something similar to the image below
    • Authentication with a Global API Key
  3. Click on ‘View’ for ‘Global API Key’
  4. Copy and pasting the Global API Key into the CloudMare app will reveal another input for email
  5. Type in the email for your Cloudflare account.
  6. Finally click ‘save’

That’s it , For following any of the above step you can connect cloudflare with cloudmare app.

If you facing problem you can freely contact me

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