Elyments App, Best Indian Alternative app of Instagram

Elyments App, Best Indian Alternative app of Instagram

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In today’s time, everyone is so involved in social media that many of us spent almost 8 hours a day in social media, social media is good and bad in its own way depending on your usage, you can connect with people around the globe in just a click. Yes, the bad thing going on nowadays in social media is that people are spreading hatred via means of fake news and a half and twisted scenario, this might be a huge implication to the world. So Social media is helpful but it totally depends on you how you use it.

So now what social media platforms we have, the most popular social media platform we have is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and now Snapchat and Whatsapp, but as you all know this all platform is foreign-based organization and as per the conflict going on in India about the boycott of Chinese apps and “Atmanirbhar”(Self-independent) India movement, our government is encouraging the youths of India to develop apps so that we can be self depended.

Lately, a developer from Sumeru Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has developed a social media app that can be the alternative app of Instagram. Now what if there is an alternative app of Instagram(Instagram alternative app), there will be no privacy concern if we will use an Indian App, and as we know Instagram is a product by Facebook and earlier Facebook was accused of selling data’s of users and we are not sure if it still happens or not but if we use the Indian apps we won’t we tensed about data being leaked in foreign countries, the data will be stored in India itself.

The app name is Elyments – Social Media simplified an Instagram alternative app

Elyments App

Instagram alternative app

Elyments – Social Media simplified, an social media platform developed by Sumeru Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. an Indian company whose headquarters is in Bangalore, it can be the Indian app, Instagram alternative app. Elyments is a social networking app that is a one-stop app for everything one might need. It helps to connect and converse with friends, share updates, network with like-minded people, discover interests, make seamless voice and video calls, and much more with Elyments. The voice and video calls will be end-to-end encrypted.

It is similar to Instagram it allows users to shares photos and videos and the option of chat and voice and video calls. The app has a smooth user experience and the app interface is clean.

Elyments App Origin

Elyments app is an Indian origin app developed by Sumeru Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. whose headquarters is in Bangalore.

Elyments App Reviews

In Google Play store There are more than 5 crore downloads of the Keepsafe app, Here you will find 4.4 Rating Given by more than 5 lakh+ User, The App review is quite good.

elyments app

Additional Information

elyments app

Elyments apps

Instagram alternative app

You can download this app from Google Play Store, click here to download the app or click on the link given below

Elyments- Social Media Simplified: Google Play Store

Instagram alternative app

elyments app

Instagram alternative app, If you use Instagram a lot then its time to switch to this app and this lets the user stay more secure and can feel safe for the photos and videos and chats as all the data will be stored in India itself

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