Google App, Dark Mode and How to enable it ?


Google is the world biggest and largest search platform where we can get every detail that we need, Google earlier started its service from a website and as time went it kept growing itself and Google was the Company which introduced Andriod Operating System and we got into the smartphone world after that, later many other phone industries were introduced which used the Andriod operating system produced by Google. The Smartphone had Google app and the app help us in a whole lot way and later the app itself developed itself and many other features like cards daily updates as per the user and a lot more. Google assistant is one of its services which helps us in lots of ways using AI. In today’s time everything is getting its dark mode so users were eagerly waiting for the Google app to get the dark mode and guess what Google officially launched its dark mode in the Google App.

How to enable Dark Mode in Google App

  • Open the Google App
  • Click on the “More” option

  • Click on Settings

  • Click on General

  • Go Down and click on Theme


  • Select Dark

  • All set, You are now using Google App in Dark theme. 


Now if u open any website you will notice the layout of the Google app as black, such as shown in the image below.

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