How Coronavirus (covid-19) Affect in the world


The present time is very special and we are in a very important phase of our history. It is as if we are now fighting World War 3. It has already taken more than three lacks five thousand lives. This time,

First, the whole world is involved. There is no option left for any country to practice whether to go to war or not. You have to fight for the survival of your people.

Secondly, we are fighting an invisible enemy. The enemy, a small virus, which is not visible, the eye can be anywhere, can deceive us, sneaking inside the sinus cavity of some normal person engaged in his normal tasks to come to office/business or place of education, Can do things like go grocery shopping. Clothing or gadgets, travel, etc.

Third, although the enemy is not very deadly, it is new and no vaccine is available yet. Therefore, even if it is detected, the treatment is questionable.


Fourth, it is contagious and spreads very rapidly. The speed of its spread is indeed very fast, perhaps beyond our imagination. Touching a doorknob of an elevator or cab or bus or train, the screen of your mobile, opening a fruit/vegetable purchased from a department store or a package received through a grocery or courier is enough to get inside your sinus for the virus. Cavity and then you are building a virus making factory and spreading the virus everywhere.

Fifth, this unique war is being fought by all the countries of the world on one side and the virus on the other. The entire human race is in danger. The world has temporarily forgotten their differences and become a team. This team has not found China / Russia and America, India and Pakistan, Iran and Iraq, Israel, and Palestine unlike each other on equal ground.

East and West, right and left, husband and wife, boss and subordinates, customers and business persons are no longer business rivals, they are a team. This is the state of yoga (A) – the best possible state where the flow is through neutral Sushumna pulse in place of IDA and Pingala (positive and negative).

But this is also the stage of death. The enemy is very clever and kills our weakest assets – ‘old people with medical conditions’.

Is the sacrifice made by the older generation enough or will the enemy be able to claim a sufficiently young and healthy life? How long will this war last?

Whoever survives this war will be a part of the new generation, which will have a strong immune system and will do better ways of living and doing business. Eventually we learn from our mistakes.

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