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WhatsApp a social messaging app that lets users connect among themselves via the internet, the app was earlier developed by WhatsApp Inc. of Mountain View, California which was launched in 2009, and later on, the company sold the app to Facebook in 2014, now the development of the app is been taken by Facebook. and in 2015 WhatsApp became the most popular social messaging app and it has billions of downloads, WhatsApp made the life easy for the users by having the video call feature they can connect to there loved ones without any hassle.

WhatsApp has been updating itself with times and it is even upgrading, the standards for the users to become smart has been boosted up b interacting with people, WhatsApp status feature has been a masterpiece as it allows users to show their pains, anger about there life without telling anyone directly, they can say a lot. A time came in this world where people block each other when they want, now the big problem arises how will you know if the person blocked you or not.

How we can check if someone blocked you in WhatsApp ?

How to check if someone blocked you in WhatsApp? We can usually get to know if someone blocked you or not just by seeing these three options, by checking if the persons DP is being displayed or not, if the persons About Section is displayed or not, and if the persons last seen is visible or not, but a matter comes in here also, WhatsApp has a feature to disable all the three so how will you know if the person has switched it off or blocked you?

You can know it by just a simple trick, so let’s get started how can you know if the person blocked you or not, you just need to do a simple thing that is, create a group, and if the person has blocked you then you won’t be able to add the person in the group, but if the person hasn’t blocked you then the person will be added in the group.

The trick was that simple and easy but many of us didn’t know this as it is a hidden trick, so this process is the correct way to find out if the person blocked you or not, it is better than installing different apps from the Store, which are not sure about the privacy concern of the users, it can be even harmful to our privacy and data leakage can happen by installing these apps.

If you don’t know how to create a group in WhatsApp then below are the steps mentioned for the creation of the group.

Steps for creating a WhatsApp group

  • Click on the 3 dot menu options and click on New Group


  • Select the contacts which you want to add in the group


  • Enter the name of the Group. (any name)
  • Add DP of the group if you want


  • Bingo! Group Created
  • If the person has blocked you then the person won’t be added in the group


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