iPhone SE 2020 Sale Date and details,

iPhone SE 2020

Apple, The leading company of Flagship smartphones, the reason behind being leading in the flagship market is clear enough, because of its clean UI experience and the ultra-smooth user experience, Apple being the first company to launch the touch ID feature was a successor in the smartphone market and later on, it also developed the Face ID which is also a successor in the Smartphone market, but because of its high pricing apple doesn’t hit the Indian market as there is plenty of options available in the android platform which offers same features at a low pricing. iPhone’s very beginning smartphones were also pretty adorable in usage, iPhone gave us the actual meaning of technology which was later improved by several other companies.

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iPhone SE 2020. Review & Specs

Apple iPhone is trying to benchmark its name in the Indian market as well as it now introduced a low pricing smartphone in the market with a whole lot of specs. iPhone recently relaunched it an old device with new upgrades but at an affordable price, The iPhone SE 2020 or the iPhone SE 2nd Generation. Earlier it was rumored that iPhone is going to launch iPhone 9 and leaks were also there on the internet but as time went last month Apple launched its iPhone

SE 2020 or iPhone SE 2nd generation, is the upgrade version of iPhone SE which was launch in 2016, now Apple looked forward to upgrading the version with whole new specs and features. iPhone SE 2020 comes with the old look and feel as of iPhone 8, with the same old touch ID in spite of the Face ID as provided in the new iPhone Series. The device look and feel is similar to that of iPhone 8 with those bezel display and touch ID but if we look at the back of the phone the logo is placed right in the middle of the phone just as similar as of iPhone 11. The iPhone SE 2020 is power with the Apples bionic A13 chipset and 3 GB of RAM usually RAM is not mentioned in any iPhone because it RAM management feature is that great that it never lags due to less RAM. Apple in there launch quoted about this device as Body of iPhone 8 and brain of iPhone 11 merged as iPhone SE 2020

iPhone SE 2020 comes with a price starting from $399 so an iPhone under this price segment with the updated chipset is a filler low-end budget smartphone but unfortunately, if we talk about the Indian Launch price as in India its price is starting from 42,500. Because of India’s Tax and excise charges and the import charges are making the price to land up to 42,500 which is pretty sad as compared to the global price. But it’s worth buying if you guys want an iPhone experience and your budget is low then this smartphone is the best option.

iPhone Price that was expected reduced a bit for the Indian market now the phone price is starting from 38,900 from 20th May in Flipkart

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