Keepsafe App, the best alternative app for Vault

Keepsafe app, the best alternative app for Vault

Hiding Photos & Videos

In today’s time, it has been a major concern about the privacy of a person, many a time it happens that we have to share our phone with someone for certain work but that person peeps into your gallery and see the photos which are not meant to be seen, so this was a severe issue for everyone then many apps launched for this problem, apps like App locker, Vault, Hide Photos, etc., but the handiest and the most popular was the Vault app.

The Vault app(photo hiding app) is a china origin app, so as we know about the conflict going on in India about the ban of the Chinese apps and lately, the government even banned 59 Chinese apps, so using this app is also not safe as firstly it is a Chinese app and secondly, it had some privacy concern beforehand and the app was removed from play store for some couple of days or months we can say so as per my opinion it is no more safe to use this app.

So what if we can’t use this app, yes probably we need an alternative app for this and a non chinese apps so today in this article we are going to read about the alternative non chinese app for Vault, and the app is totally secured.

The app name is Keepsafe Photo Vault.

Keepsafe Photo Vault

Keepsafe app falls under non chinese apps list lets users hide their private photos and videos without any tension of being watched by others, the app is similar to Vault app, the most famous app for hiding photos and videos and the major part of this app is that this app also has some extra features with it features like it gives the users the ability to hide photos and videos using fingerprint, PIN, and Passcode and the app uses cipher AES 256 encryption system which is most used by banks so by this we can understand this app is too secured. (A photo hiding app)

A photo Hiding app & non chinese apps

Keepsafe App Features

  • Lets users hide photos and videos with a secured PIN, Passcode or Fingerprint
  • Lets user Sync photos or videos across other devices
  • Lets user Backup photos & videos for easy recovery.
  • The app automatically locks if the phone faces downward.
  • Lets user to safely Send photos.
  • Lets user Share private photos with control of how long the recipient can see your photo the photos automatically disappear after 20 seconds of receiving.
  • Lets user to Share Albums.
  • The app also doesn’t show up in our recently used apps list!
  • Break-in alert feature

Keepsafe App Origin

Keepsafe app(Photo hiding app) is a San Francisco origin app build by Keepsafe whose co-founder and CEO are Zouhair and Philipp to know more about them visit here

Keepsafe App Review

In Google PLay store There are more than 5 crore downloads of the Keepsafe app, Here you will find 4.3 Rating Given by more than 1 crore User, The App review is quite good.

keepsafe app

Additional Features

keepsafe app

Keepsafe App

You can download this app from Google Play Store and can use the free version or else can buy a premium version for more features, click here to download the app or click on the link given below

Keepsafe App(Photo hiding app): Google Play Store

keepsafe app

If you use Vault app(photo hiding app) a lot then its time to switch to this app and this lets user stay more secure and can feel safe for the photos and videos. A photo hiding app.

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