Made in India app barcode scanner to find product origin

‘Made in India app’ barcodes scanner to find product origin

Few some days the relation between India and China bilateral hit a new low this week with border skirmishes at Ladakh. There has led to a rising “anti-China” and “boycottChina”  wave in the Indian country with calls for the boycott of all  products which manufactured in China and mass bans on Chinese application.

In fact, earlier this week, 52 Chinese apps banned by Indian Intelligence Agencies for national security.

This  anti-China sentiments in India have led a few indian  developers in the country. So they come up with new  various solutions that can help  Indian netizens for reduce their dependable  on Chinese products.

Following the success of the app  Remove China Apps (which got taken down or deleted from the google Play Store), there exists a new app which lets you know  if this product is made in India or not.

To make the most of the anti-China and boycottChinna sentiment in consumers, and support the PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Vocal for Local’ mission, two Noida-based developers Mohit Jain and Akshay Tank have built an made in india barcode scanner app that lets users scan a barcode of any product to find out if the product is Made in India or not.


made in india app

If You want  can search in google and know the details all of the products which are  manufactured in 115+ countries. This free Made in India app provides an great opportunity for those  buyers who wish to support and promote local products.

How “Made in India app” works

Made in India app is published by The91Apps publisher , which also owns Copycat (that lets users copy any text on screen) facilities.

made in india app

The made in india barcode scanner app opens on a screen where you can either scan a barcode or manually enter the code of the product . With In  a second, the screen displays the flag of the country, where the product was manufactured.

The made in india app shows the main origin of the product, so even if it was manufactured in India but the company is registered in China or not, the app will show that it is  a made in China product,” Mohit Jain, a software engineer from noida who built this app in less than a week.

Download Made in India Barcode Scanner App

The app is available in google play store. To download the app please visit google play store and search Make In India or you can  download the app from google play tone directly from the below given link

Made in India app


Made in india barcode scanner app review

It has released in Google Play Store’s ‘Tools’ category on June 12, and also has crossed 1000 installs, with users rating it 4.9 out of 5.

made in india barcode scanner app review

made in india app

It is a really great application with just one feature, which is, in fact, its entire products proposition. And, the made in india barcode scanner app is super fast and entirely seamless.

made in india app reviews

I scanned a barcodes of a Redmi Note 9 made in India and the app detected that it was originates from China.

made in india app


In this time there so many indian apps which are getting downloaded use by the indian user. Some days age 52 Chinese app are getting suspected and showed red flag by indian  iIntelligence Agencies. PM Narendra modi also raised voice about “Vocal on Local” and “Atmanirvar Bharat” , IN this way every indian are boycott Chienese app and using the indian app,

Read this article about 52 Chinese app  which was get red flag from indian iIntelligence Agencies.

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