Mitron App, the Indian alternative of TikTok

Mitron App

TikTok a Chinese app which is being the most famous video making app with 1+ Billions of download in Google Play store, after a lot of controversies TikTok had a bad impression in Inditika and everyone is about to boycott TitTok but many of them can’t as the Indians are very much addicted in making videos in TikTok, now the Indian app has a solution to it, a student from IIT Roorkee developed an app which is the exact copy of TikTok or can say the Indian Clone of TikTok, and the best part of it is that it gained a lot of downloads and has become the most downloaded app in Playstore right now.  The app has got over 50 lakhs download in just a months time, now the exactly where the competition begins, in this pandemic situation where things are not getting back to normal and everyone has decided to boycott Chinese product and the Indians are rocking with their idea and talents, the best time that we boycott TikTok and start using the Indian App which is a safer version for video making, and it is best suited for the Indians who are TikTok lover,

Mitron app the alternative of tiktok

Mitron App

Mitron app has a rating of 4.8 whereas the rating of TikTok went down after the clash between Amir Siddique and Carryminati and when Carryminati released a video and roasted TikTok, now at this very controversy Mitron gained success and we hope that TikTok will go out of the scene soon not just for the Youtube Video of Carryminati but for some severe Security issue which we mentioned in the last article of TikTok.

Tiktok is sized 60 MB but Mitron is just an 8 MB app, there is some bugs in this apps as its a new app with not as much as popular as of TikTok but if all the TikTok users shifts to this platform then surely the app will get its improvement soon with the increased demands the app will get is bug and errors to be fixed by the developer.

Note, those who don’t know the actual security issue of TikTok, then read this article also and then it will b e easy to decide what you actually want to do, Is TikTok Safe? know the dark truth behind it

Mitron App

Mitron App rating

Mitron App download Link: Mitron App Google Play Store

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