SelfScan App, Indian Alternate app of CamScanner, More secure

SelfScan App, Indian alternate app Details

Document Scanning App

Life nowadays has become too fast people don’t even have time to scan their documents using the scanners and the PC. They all want to use their smartphone to complete all the works which they can do from their PC.

so lately an app was launched that is the CamScanner and the app was a Chinese origin app and as we know India has banned 59 apps which were of Chinese origin, and Camscanner is also a part of the ban.

There are many other apps there in the Play Store but none of them is as worth as of the Camscanner was but what now if we don’t have the Camscanner, a solution has been developed by the West Bengal Government and the main thing why it can gain fame is that people are now wanting to use the Indian origin App and this app is launched by the West Bengal Government.

As it is an alternate app for Camscanner then you might have got the use of the app as well but still let’s discuss the app in detail. The app’s name is Selfscan.

SelfScan App

SelfScan is an Indian origin app launched by the CM of West Bengal that is Mamta Banerjee, this app is an alternate app of Camscanner and the app is totally safe and secure to use as it launched by the Government.

The app helps us in scanning the documents and we can scan as many numbers of pages as we want and can arrange them and make a pdf of the same. The most advantageous feature of this app as compared to the Camscanner is that the app is totally free on the other hand Camscanner had in-app purchases to use all the features of the app.

selfscan app

SelfScan App features

The Indian alternate app of Camscanner, SelfScan has these features

  • The app is free for use no need to buy any premium subscription or any kind of in-app purchases
  • The is safe and secure to use
  • The app has the ability to Scan and shuffle the scanned documents
  • The size and resolution of the documents can be changed according to the requirement
  • The app has the ability to detect edges and self cropping feature

SelfScan App Origin

The SelfScan app is an Indian origin app which is developed by the West Bengal Government, Department of Information Technologies and Electronics. The app is launched by the CM of West Bengal, Mamta Banerjee. The Indian alternate app of Camscanner.

SelfScan App Review

The app has very goods reviews and that also by the high ranking people of the well-known companies, and as per the reviews, we should use this app. As of the review and secondly as it is an Indian alternate app of Camscanner, the most widely used app

selfscan app


Where to get ?

The app is available in different platforms like Amazon app store and Samsung Galaxy store and you can also directly download the app from the website itself but the main disappointing thing about the app is that it is not available in the Play Store and the Apple app store so the apple users can’t use the App as of now but we hope we can expect the app soon to be published in the Apple app store and the Google Play store even.

If the app would have been in the Play Store then it would have more downloads than the normal as many people are not aware of the app yet.


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