Sender App -Indian File Transfer, Review

Sender App

Sender is the fastest Indian files transfer app, Sender – Indian File Transfer is easy to use data transfer application.  The app Supports a wide range of various file types to transfer from one phone to another.

Sender App

The latest file sharing app with fastest cross – platform which transfer data including videos, movies, music, GIFs, wallpapers.

Sender App- Indian File Transfer, Transfer Apps, Transfer files, Share App application also added the Received File option, which helps you to  manage & enjoy your own videos and musics.

It is one of the fastest way if you are planning to transfer your  videos or audio files, photos, installed apps, games or any other documents and the zip files between two Android devices.

You can easily  copleate the Android file transfer that you always wanted, all while being able to send anywhere and at any time regardless of what file you have. The ability to share files and take things to the next level.

Transfer Apps, Transfer files, Share App, Thish  application will transfer and data sharing app delivers a very fast, you will get high speed file sharing experience that you will like a lot.

Sender file transfer App Features

The Features of this Sender file transfer App is give below :-

  1. Cross-platform: Help to Transfer data between Android smartphones.
  2. Wireless: Select the individual files and share it across as you want.
  3. No limit: Share Videos or audio file, Photos without any size limit.
  4. Fast as Flash: you will get Fastest file transfer happens over which is 100 time faster than Bluetooth transfer.
  5. No Internet:  you do not need any internet connection for running this app , It’s mean Works without internet and save your phone data package while you are transferring files.


Permission Needs for Sender App

To best use of Sender – Indian File Transfer’s convenient file sharing service, the App ask user’s permissions listed below :-

  •  Write Internal Storage(Required) : To store all files that are in internal storage through Sender App – Indian File Transfer’
  • Read Internal Storage(Required) : To send files stored in internal storage through Sender App- Indian File Transfer.
  • Access to location: To share all files by using Wi-Fi Direct that through Google Nearby API.
  • Write External Storage : To store all the  files that are received through Send Anywhere in external storage (SD Card).
  • Read External Storage : To send all files stored in external storage through Sender App – Indian File Transfer.
  • Read Phone States : To send Files read phone state Permission is required.

Sender App Review

As the app is new in play store. More than 500+ User have download this App from Play store, And about 30+ People gave review on it , In play store this app Have 5.0 Rating, Which is quite good.

Sender App Review

Sender App Additional Details

Sender App origin Is India , And this app size is 6.7 Mb. This app was uploaded on play store in 4 July 2020 by an Indian publisher “Andysofttech” .

Sender App aize

sender App









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