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Space Exploration Technologies Corp., Trading As SpaceX, Is World’s First Private Aerospace Manufacturer And Space Transportation Services Company Headquartered In Hawthorne, California, U.S.A. It Was Founded On 6 May 2002 By Elon Musk, Who Is Also The Founder Of Paypal, Tesla, And Hyperloop. The Main Motive Of Elon Musk Behind Creating Spacex Is The Goal To Reducing Space Transportation Costs To Enable The Colonization Of Mars. According To Him If Energy-Efficient Heavy Rockets Can Be Made, Then It May Reduce $1100 Per Kg For Space Travel.

Elon Musk Tried To Buy Cheap Rockets From Russia Country But Returned Empty-Handed. After failing To Find Rockets with in Affordable Price. On The Flight on  Home, Elon Musk Realized That he shuld also Start A Company That Could Build the Affordable Rockets he Needed.  According To Investor of Early Tesla And Spacex Mr. Steve Jurvetson Musk Calculated That The Whole Raw Materials For Build A Rocket actually Were Only 3 Percent Of The Sales Price Of A those Rocket At That Time. By Applying Vertical Integration, Producing Around 85% Off Launch Hardware In-House, And The Modular Approach From Software Engineering, Spacex Could Cut Launch Price By A Factor Of Ten And Still Enjoy A 70% Gross Margin.

In Early 2002, Musk Was Seeking Staff For His New Space Company, Soon To Be Named Spacex Musk Approached Rocket Engineer Tom Mueller (Later SpaceX’s CTO Of Propulsion). Tom Mueller also Agreed To Work with Musk, And Thus Spacex Was Born.



Elon Musk & Space X Achievements

Elon Musk Started The Organisation With 160 Employs And Now He Has More Than 8000 Employs.

Elon Musk

SpaceX’s Achievements Include The First Privately Funded liquid-propellant Rocket To Reach Orbit (Falcon 1 In 2008), The First Private Company To Successfully Launch, Orbit, And Recover A Spacecraft (Dragon In 2010), Which was The First Private Company who Send A Spacecraft To The International Space Station (Dragon In 2012), The First Propulsive Landing For An Orbital Rocket (Falcon 9 In 2015), The First Re-use Of An Orbital Rocket (Falcon 9 In 2017),

The First Private Company To Launch An Object Into Orbit Around The Sun (Falcon Heavy’s Payload Of A Tesla Roadster In 2018), And Which was The First Private Company who Send Astronauts To The International Space Station (Dragon-2 In 2020). SpaceX Has Flown 20 Cargo Resupply Missions To The International Space Station (ISS) Under A Partnership With Nasa, As Well As An Uncrewed Demonstration Flight Of The Human-Rated Dragon 2 Spacecraft (Crew Dragon Demo-1) On March 2, 2019, And The First Crewed Dragon 2 Flight On May 30, 2020, Carrying Nasa Astronauts Bob Behnken And Doug Hurley To The International Space Station Is An Autonomous Vehicle, Designed To Fly Itself.

The Company Has Developed Four Families Of Rocket Engine – Merlin ( This Engine Is Used In Falcon Series), Kestral(This Engine Is Used In Falcon-1 Second Stage, Draco( Thus Engine Is Used In Dragon) And Superdraco ( This Engine Is Used In Dragon 2). One More Rocket Engine They Are Developing Which Is Called Raptor, It Will Be Used In Interplanetary Transportation.

Space X Have One Test Site In Texas. And They Have Four Launch Sites – Cape Canaveral Space Launch Complex 40 (Slc-40), Vandenberg Air Force Base Space Launch Complex 4e (Slc-4e), Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39a (Lc-39a), And South Texas Launch Site.


There Is Three Regional Office Of Spacex Located In Texas, Virginia, And Washington Dc. And Have One Satellite Development Facility In Seattle.

These all were the information related to NASA and SpaceX, but many of us don’t get the hang of ISRO so whoever is interested to find out what’s the upcoming mission of ISRO then read this article given below,

Chandrayaan-3 Indian “ISRO” Are Officially planning For Next Moon Mission

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