Top 5 Web Series that everyone can watch

In these few years, the trend for the movies has distorted a lot and the reason for it being the web series which took a huge growth suddenly all the new talents are been shown up in the web series and the audience is loving that a lot. People these days are searching for some web series that doesn’t have some adult contents in it, like nudity, etc., so today in this article we will see the Top 5 Web Series that everyone can watch series which will touch your heart and refresh your mind.

Top 5 Web Series that everyone can watch

Kota factory

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Kota Factory is an Indian web series that shows us the life of Students who takes preparation for IIT JEE, and the students who leave there home and shift to Kota for the preparation. These web series is the first Black and White Web series of India. In this web series, we will get the idea of how to deal with our problems and the situations that can come up suddenly. We also get an idea of how the relationship should be between the teacher and the students, the story is based on IIT JEE preparation. The web series has one season and five episodes. The web series is free to watch and you can watch it on TvfPlay and Youtube. This Web series gained a lot of fame and the acting are nicely done by the cast, The web series even shows us that if we have a perfect partner then every work is easy for us, this show even portrays love life of the students that how they can acquire feeling for someone. It is a highly recommended web series to watch by the audience review and ratings.


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Flames is an Indian Web series which shows us the life of school students and how their tuition life helps them to overcome there study pressure, and a love story that starts from the tuition itself. This web series shows us the actual meaning of friendship that how friends help each other in their good times as well as bad times. The web series has two seasons. The first season shows us the friendship between three friends and their tuition activities and suddenly one day a boy falls for a girl, and how it takes to talk with the girl and call her out for a date. the whole season has cute romantic tuition life. the season shows us how a small misunderstanding can create a huge gap in any relationship be it romantic or friendship, and how in the end we solve everything in between and things get normal. The first season has 5 episodes. The continuation of the story happens in the second season and in this season we see how we can solve things between two people just by giving time to themselves and talk about it and later on we see how children sacrifice their happiness for their parents and we get a lesson that how we must have a relation with our children so that they perform their best. This season has 5 episodes. The web series is free to watch on TvfPlay and MxPlayer. This a highly recommended web series to watch as per the audience ratings and reviews.

Broken but beautiful

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Broken But Beautiful is a 2018 Hindi romance web series, Which was created by Ekta Kapoor for her video on the demand platform, ALTBalaji. That series stars with Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi as the protagonists. This seriesĀ  heartbreaks, revolves around love, and never-ending romance between two individuals. This web series has two seasons. The first season shows us how Vikrant Massey was in a deep depression after his wife died in a car accident and he blamed himself for the accident, and on the other hand, Harleen Sethi who was also in Depression after her boyfriend left her. this season showed us how certain people meet and they help each other and fall for them but their past life fears stop them from trusting back the same thing as they were broken. This season shows us that two broken people can fall in love again but they will not accept it. The next season shows us about the incomplete romance between Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi, this season shows us that howsoever hard we try to forget someone we love but we can never forget them and how we can hurt many people while trying to forget. This Web-series is a Zee5 and Alt Balaji exclusive series and the serious is highly recommended for the broken people who lose hope for getting their love back in their life again.

Hostel Daze

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Four students of the same wing of the hostel (Ankit, Chirag, Jaat, and Jhantoo) develop lasting bonds as they jostle hard to survive the first semester in the hostel. Peppered with absurdities, chutzpahs, clashes, and debacles inherent to hostel life, ‘Hostel Daze’ depicts the grill that every Indian hostel-resident goes through. This web series shows us the life of students who stays in hostel and study engineering. As we all know about the engineering life, is the best life of a student, then think of engineering students staying at the same place throughout the day and a whole lot of experience about the hostel life, of how they manage all the struggles to pass the exams and the ragging that happens with engineering students. This also shows us how some students struggle to get fame in the hostel life and a little one-sided love story that happens and later we get to know that it was a prank by their friends. This web series is a perfect show for enjoying the hostel life once again if u did once in your life or to experience it if u didn’t. This web series is an Amazon Prime video origin and you can watch it on Amazon Prime Video



Cubical is an Indian web series from TvfPlay, this series shows the life of employed people who work from 9 to 5 just sitting in a place basically the desk job employees, the story in which we see how these people struggles during their first job experience and how to cope up and manage stuff. In this Series, it narrates the life of a 22-year-old man who just completed his engineering and has moved into a different city for his first job with his friends and he seems quite excited for the first day, but what sorts of problems he faces in his first day and what is the actual meaning of a co corporate life each and every details are been portrayed well in this web series as this is also a TvfPlay original then we could easily determine about the story lineup and the entertainment we will get watching this series, and yes another point of twist comes in with a cute romantic moment in his life for few days at least and it shows how we have to manage with our feelings for the betterment of everyone. This web series is highly recommended by the audience and the reviews and the ratings. You can watch this series free on TvfPlay and Youtube.

Note, if you want more awesome web series like them please comment down below so that we can come up with a separate article for you.


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