Upsend, the Indian alternate we should use to be safe

Upsend, the Indian alternate we should use to be safe

Upsend, The Indian Alternate of Shareit.



Android a platform that was released by Google, Earlier than Android we had normal phones just to connect people via calls and SMS. After the launch of the Android Operating System powered by Google, the mobile industry got a kick the smartphone come into play and there were many other options to connect with people like Facebook, etc. As time passed many other apps were released which had options to run in the Smartphones operated with Android Operating System. Days passed by Google introduced many other services like Google App and Assitant.


Google App as per the same suggests its an official app by Google this app lets people search the web without using any other 3rd party apps for web browsing later on Google even introduced a web browser which is Google Chrome, which is smooth and fast, the user experience of this app is even smooth and its user friendly. Google keeps on working on the apps and the android system every minute.

As we all know that there is a controversy going on in India regarding the Chinese Apps and Products and mostly its is indicating that Chinese  Apps and Products are going to boycott by the Indians, and later, other organizations have started its development for making the alternate’s of the Chinese app and previously an alternate to Tiktok was developed and the app was developed by an Indian student who is the student of IIT Roorkee and the app even got a better response but due to some controversy it was taken down by Google by lately it is again back in the Play store. If you haven’t read that article then you can read the article from here.

Another Chinese app alternative has been developed.

Mitron App, the Indian alternative of TikTok

Upsend app

The Chinese App Alternative

Today another alternative app for Shareit, the file transfer app of China has been developed and this might be the best option to stop using Shareit and start using the Indian version of Shareit, the app is developed by Pixoid, an organization who is into the development of Windows software related to images and file transfer and the organization has lately developed an Android app as the alternate option of Shareit, the apps name is Upsend, and the app is labeled as Fastest Indian File sharing App, the apps is safe and secure as the privacy policy of the app is clean and clear, and there is no violation in the security of the users.

The app’s name is Upsend app and the permission which it seeks is our storage, our contacts, and our settings control like switching the wifi and hotspot on. The app is addressed to the people of the age group from 13 years of age, the only disappoint thing about the app is that this app shows up ads and that can annoy us but the thing is the app has a user-friendly app interface and can be accessed easily and the transfer rate is really fast,

Upsend app has an option to share our files with different devices even other than android, like the windows, Jio phone, Mac. The apps use the QR code option as of Shareit to scan and transfer files on the go without the hassle of searching for the users. The apps have 1000+ downloads and the rating of the app is 4.8 out of 5, so the users are loving the app even.



It is recommended to use the app as this is the alternate of share it and as we know that Chinese app has a very bad privacy policy and the Chinese companies has to share the extracted data to the Chinese government so it is better to boycott their apps as our data should not be leaked as privacy matters and to be safe from all those bloatware we should switch our usage from Shareit & Xender to Upsend, the Chinese app alternate

Those who don’t have an idea regarding the privacy policies of Chinese apps and their rule of sharing the data with the Chinese government then read the article here.

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