what is ssl certificate? how does it work?

Are you looking for ways to protect your website from malicious attackers? Do you want to gain customer confidence? Do you want to show your website’s reputation? Is your site not ranked high in search engines?

  • An SSL certificate may be your answer.

Most of the website owners are installing SSL certificates on their websites today. In fact, Buildwith has reported 85,167,054 SSL certificates on the Internet in 2020.
If you don’t have enough resources to invest in internet security as a new setup, don’t worry. You can still buy a cheaper SSL certificate and transfer your site to HTTPS.

Being the backbone of your secure Internet, installing an SSL certificate is not only a requirement, but also highly necessary.

Some important points are mentioned below as to why SSL certificates are required for your website.

● Protect your customer’s information by encrypting sensitive information

An SSL certificate can encrypt sensitive information that you have sent across the Internet, allowing only the recipient to access it.

Other computers between you and the server cannot see your username, credit card number and password and other sensitive information, thus ensuring security.
There are many certificate authorities that issue SSL certificates if you are wondering where to buy SSL certificates. Even your web host and SSL provider provide free SSL certificates.

● gain customer confidence

Reports said that in 2018, in the US, there were 1.244 billion data breeches, leading to a record over 446 million records.

No visitors will hesitate to provide their personal details online.
82% of Americans said they are concerned about online safety.

When you install the SSL certificate, your browser will display a lock icon, letting visitors know that their connection is secure.

This means that your visitors will trust your website more and will be more likely to do business with you.

The trust seal provided by the SSL certificate instills more trust in your customers.
Basically, you will gain three common trusts of seals, namely, privacy seals, security seals, and business seals. Choose one or all three seals depending on your site.

● Build your brand reputation

Your company may have done many good things, but some mistakes can ruin your reputation. The Internet user base is increasing day by day, increasing the number of phishing, MITM attacks and so on. Hackers can clone a website or webpage and use it for nefarious means.

A good way to stay safe from all these risks is to install SSL certificate. There is no way that hackers can manage SSL certified cloning sites.

The EV SSL certificate is preferred to protect the website from such attacks.

Also, from 2018, Google flagged HTTP websites. This means that if you have not installed the SSL certificate, all popular web browsers, including Google Chrome and Firefox Mozilla, will penalize you by displaying a ‘Secure Not Secure’ warning message on the URL bar.

Thus, it will bring down the reputation of your site, and you will lose visitors.

According to the World Economic Forum study, a large part of the market value of a company depends on its reputation.

● Rank high in search engines

Google takes Internet security very seriously and has announced that it will start using HTTPS as a ranking signal. Although currently, this is only a mild indication, if you combine it with other SEO strategies, you will end up at the top of the search engines.

In research that analyzed a million Google results, it was found that HTTPS is related to Google rankings.

In addition, it is estimated that 90.2% of browsing time on Chrome is spent on pages protected by SSL.

Purchase an SSL certificate and install it to see positive results in your search engine rankings.

● Increase your revenue

If you look at the figures, on average 74.18% of online shopping carts are being discarded. And a big reason behind leaving the car is that users do not trust the site with their credit information. Various reasons for abandoning the cart also appear below Bemard’s research.

We cannot blame those users when one in ten URLs found online are malicious.

Forrester reports that shopping cart abandonment could cause brands to lose up to $ 18 billion in revenue.

One of the best ways to reduce cart abandonment rates and increase revenue is to switch your site to HTTPS and provide protection to your consumers.

● Be PCI compliant

If you are running a website that accepts online payments, then your website must be PCI compliant. Installing an SSL certificate can help you meet PCI / DSS requirements.

In addition, establishing an SSL certificate is one of the primary requirements set by the payment card industry (PCI).

An SSL certificate is thus required whether or not you are concerned about your user’s security.

over to you!
By now, hopefully, you have gained the necessary knowledge about SSL certificates and their benefits. If you have not yet done so, consider installing immediately and protect your site from hackers and their malicious attacks.

Having an HTTPS site will help you gain your customer’s trust, build your brand’s reputation, remain PCI-compliant, and increase sales.

Don’t forget that a cheaper SSL certificate is available even if you have a limited budget to invest in paid certificates.

Also, SSL has so many benefits to offer, why give up on it? Leverage it today and grow your business.

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